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Surrealist Time Traveling Shenanigans! · By Moonvalk


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Eontrip (Devlog 002) - Prototype Alpha Released
My devlogs are all self-hosted, and may be found here . Eontrip (Devlog 002) - Prototype Alpha Released...
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Eontrip (Devlog 001) - Movie Game Jam
My devlogs are all self hosted from now on, and can be found here . Eontrip (Devlog 001) - Movie Game Jam...

With the continued development of Eontrip, I would like lots of community interaction. Post your reviews, gameplay videos, suggestions, bug fixes, and more for everyone to see.

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Try to be kind and courteous. Keep an open mind when considering other's ideas. No spam, pornographic material, and keep language to a minimum, please. Or I'll get out my boomstick...

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News about Eontrip
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Give the current version of Eontrip a review if you would like. Add links to YouTube reviews, blog posts, or even just comments.
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Add YouTube/video links to gameplay videos you have made of Eontrip
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Leave any ideas or suggestions for the future development of Eontrip
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Report any bugs you've encountered (please include any detailed information possible)
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